Transfer Center Parking Lot Project Begins
August 7, 2023
TRUE Community Credit Union makes transportation possible for Andy’s Place residents
September 21, 2023

TRUE Community Credit Union’s CEO Stands with Andy’s Place in a Heartfelt Commitment to Address Addiction in Our Community

The Jackson Area Transportation Authority is proud to announce TRUE Community Credit Union’s donation of $2,000 to provide bus passes to residents of Andy’s Place, a revolutionary recovery housing project in Jackson which addresses substance abuse recovery holistically.

Andy’s Place provides long-term care for individuals struggling with opioid and other substance abuse disorders. The recovery housing development consists of 50 low-income units with permanent supportive services for people recovering from addiction and their families. Research has shown that a key component to successful recovery is the restoring of families and the program provides the opportunity to keep families together in a safe environment.

“This support comes with a grateful heart and a heavy heart,” said Chrissy Siders, President & CEO of TRUE Community Credit Union. “I lost my sister, Loralee, to drug and alcohol addiction just two years ago. She was a bright light in a dark world, and I only wish she could have found recovery in the way those who experience Andy’s Place do. We stand alongside Andy’s Place to be a strong voice in our community, to have a listening ear, and to create a community that is healthier, more understanding, and more educated on the impact of addiction on families and communities.”

The Jackson Area Transportation Authority is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and accessible transportation services to the residents of Jackson County. With a steadfast commitment to fostering growth and development, JATA plays a pivotal role in improving the quality of life for individuals in the region.

“On behalf of JATA and our Board of Directors, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to TRUE Community Credit Union for their generous donation. This invaluable support not only aids Andy’s Place residents on their path to recovery but also underscores the significance of community and compassion in the battle against substance use disorder. TRUE CCU’s commitment to our community is truly commendable, and we are honored to have them as partners in this journey towards a healthier and brighter future for Jackson,” said Michael Brown, Executive Director of JATA.

Patrick O’Dowd

Government & Community Relations Manager

Jackson Area Transportation Authority