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Thank you for your interest with JATA's Advertising, Procurements, and Contract services. State and local government agencies throughout the State of Michigan utilize BidNet direct for distribution of solicitations – including documents and addendum, vendor management and award management. Many participating agencies also utilize the electronic bid submission option for vendors to submit responses directly online through the platform. The Jackson Area Transportation Authority has joined the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network (MITN) which is hosted on BidNet Direct and we encourage all past and future vendors to register.

Advertising Opportunities

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Jackson Area Transportation Authority Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goal

JATA’s stated goal regarding DBE participation is 1.94%. This has been established pursuant to 49 CFR § 26.45(c)(4) wherein JATA utilized an average of other DOT recipient goals within the immediate market area. JATA then confirmed the number of certified and eligible to work DBEs capable of performing projects which JATA will be completing over the next three (3) fiscal years.
  • To ensure nondiscrimination in the award and administration of DOT - assisted contracts;
  • To create a level playing field on which DBEs can compete fairly for DOT-assisted contracts;
  • To ensure that the DBE Program is narrowly tailored in accordance with applicable law;
  • To ensure that only firms that fully meet 49 CFR Part 26 eligibility standards are permitted to participate as DBEs;
  • To help remove barriers to the participation of DBEs in DOT assisted contracts;
  • To assist the development of firms that can compete successfully in the market place outside the DBE Program.

  • For the full DBE policy statement, please click the button below.